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  • Baby wipes or any antiseptic wipes to prevent irritating the users’ skin
  • VR Cover:

Cable management:

*We have no affiliation with any of these vendors but we have received positive referrals from some of our verified members.


If you are interested in using Steam’s content or services in a public setting, you should join the Steam Site Licensing Program (formerly Cybercafé Program). To do so, you can sign up directly at

If you’re experiencing any issues, please refer to our instructions page or contact us directly via

Instructions on how to add multiple accounts to the same license agreement can be found here.


Are VR arcades profitable?

Many developers have opted to license their content outside of a distribution platform at a much more reasonable rate, but it would require you to communicate with them directly. Most developers provide contact information directly on their website. We are going to be updating our developer database which should make it easier for arcades to reach out to them.

Factors include location and demographic, price per session to the consumer, competition from recreational facilities in the area, adherence to best practices to ensure longevity of equipment, etc.

Why are flight simulators and racing games not encouraged by the VRSB?

Our stance on this issue is a temporary one. Flight simulator and racing games have been around for decades, but most people coming in to our member of facilities are looking to try the newest wave of VR technology. Systems like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can offer a seamless and fluid experience to virtually anyone provided the content doesn’t revolve around those two genres. As such, we recommend for the benefit of the largest percentage of the population that these types of experiences are excluded for the time being (until latency and motion sickness have been completely eliminated).

What are the best practices for launching and operating a commercial VR facility?

We are preparing a collection of resources that will assist you with this process and hope to launch it soon. In the meantime, you can review our application form to get a sense of the items we assess:

Can I use Oculus Rift for my VR Arcade?

At the moment, Oculus Rift is not available for commercial use.