VRSB Name and Logo Policy

Authorization to Use VRSB Trademarks

  • General authorization. During the term of signed, VRSB will grant you a nonexclusive, non-assignable and nontransferable license to advertise your VRSB Accreditation and use VRSB trademarks only as set out in that agreement. You agree that VRSB trademarks may not be otherwise used, copied, reproduced, or altered in any manner.
  • Use of Accreditation Plaques and Decals. You may display the VRSB Accreditation plaque and decal at your place of business and at trade shows. You may also display the decal on your business-owned vehicles. This is all pending a signed agreement.
  • Use of VRSB Seal. You may, within the scope of a signed agreement, advertise your VRSB Accreditation by using the VRSB Accredited Business seal (“the seal”) as it may be modified by VRSB. VRSB will provide the seal in various sizes to you. You must receive prior written permission to use another size, and approval will not be granted unless the new size meets minimum height requirement. Nothing in the said agreement or in your use of the seal or VRSB name will give you any right whatsoever in the VRSB name or seal, or in similar names or seals, beyond the right granted in this agreement.
  • Advertising VRSB Rating. You may, within the scope of permission, advertise your VRSB rating. Upon learning of a change in your VRSB rating, you must immediately correct any advertising that includes the rating. You are encouraged to include the seal (and statement of VRSB Accreditation when permitted) in conjunction with advertising your VRSB rating.
  • Scope of Permission.

    • Offline advertising media. You may state “VRSB Accredited Business” or you may display the seal in the following media: newspapers, periodicals, billboards, posters, direct mail, flyers, yellow pages or other directory advertising, telephone, TV or radio spots, business cards, stationery, invoices, facsimile cover sheets and other business documents. If all your physical locations are within this VRSB’s service area, you may advertise your Accreditation wherever you do business. If you have physical locations in other VRSBs’ service areas, your advertising rights are restricted to this VRSB’s service area unless permitted by agreement(s) with other VRSBs. You may advertise your VRSB rating wherever you are permitted to display the seal in offline advertising media except that you may not advertise your VRSB rating in yellow pages or any other directory that cannot be immediately revised if your VRSB rating changes.
    • Online Advertising. Places:  You may display the VRSB Accredited Business seal on your website or sites where you advertise so long as the seal is current and hyperlinks to your VRSB Business Review.  The seal may also be used in the signature block of email correspondence with a hyperlink to your VRSB Business Review.  You may also, at your option, state “VRSB Accredited Business” and/or advertise your VRSB rating on your website or sites where you advertise, so long as the site may be immediately revised should the VRSB rating change and as long as the usage does not imply that the accreditation or rating applies to a different business or entity.Guidelines:
      Advertising sites include your social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
      Current seals include the text Click for Review.
      A franchisor’s accreditation does not cover its franchisees.  Each franchisee must obtain accreditation through its local VRSB.  A franchisor’s website may not mislead a consumer that its franchisees are each also accredited if they have not obtained separate accreditation.
    • Prohibited and Acceptable Usages: You may only use the Marks as described above.  An accredited business is not permitted to reference VRSB in commercial advertising or similar promotions in such a manner as to state or imply that a product or service is endorsed or preferred by VRSB. Prohibited usages include, but are not limited to:
      • Statements such as: “Member, VRSB,” “Registered with VRSB,” “Check our record with the VRSB.”
      • Use of VRSB plaques, reviews or other VRSB correspondence in sales materials or presentation book.
    • An accredited business may state “VRSB Accredited since [and may include date of accreditation]” or “Accredited by the VR Standards Board” or “Check our VRSB Business Review” with a hyperlink to an accredited business’s review.